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Welcome to This website is a personal integrative medical information site to help end the confusion centered around conventional and alternative practices of medicine. The site provides you with information and tools to help you manage your health outside and inside the medical office. Our goal is to provide you with the latest research and treatments for conditions ranging from A-Z with both traditional and alternative viewpoints. Knowledge is an asset that can help you and your family make better health choices if you are educated from both medical viewpoints. By becoming a member, our goal is to empower you so that you may achieve optimal health and balance. For a sample of what the site has to offer, please click on the images below.

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Having a membership, along with all the health benefits, not only provides you with knowledge and tools for helping you achieve optimal health, but also supports children and families around the globe with access to water, food, shelter, knowledge, education and medicine. All should not have to worry about these essential elements for life. is committed to achieving health world-wide as we are all connected. To learn more about our role and objectives in this endeavor please click here.

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You, as a member will have access to an integrative medical library that will enable you to end all the confusion out there regarding how to self-treat various medical conditions. The internet is huge and a lot of people say to do this or do that and it ends up being extremely confusing for one to know what to do. Typical questions include: "What should I take for this" or "What should I take for that". Do I use this herb, supplement, medication? If so, how much do I use and when? The integrative medical library will provide you with all the information you ever wanted in an easy to understand format so that you can heal and take care of your health. Additionally, the e-Health tools provide you with personalized PDF forms to help you identify if there are any compromised body systems and how to treat these systems. Medication and Supplement forms are available to help you keep track of what you are taking so that your care is maximized. There are also many other benefits as well, to help you manage your health. Take a tour of the site below!

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